Winners of 142 Class Open Show

Sunday 6th December 2009

Judged by Derek Allsopp ( Sandmel )

Mothersdale`s - German Shepherd - Amivike Moon Beam SHCM

Res Best in Show
Tracz`s - English Springer Spaniel - Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Aeregate


Best Puppy in Show
Patrick & Ashman`s - Siberian Husky - Coldasice Phoenix Rising

Res Best Puppy in Show
Towler`s - Parson Russell Terrier - Andralok Dazzler


Hound Group
Judged By Roz Holland ( Elmanash )

Group 1 Mitchell`s - Whippet - Demerlay Flickering Flame of Paleside

 Group 2 Ellertons - Beagle - Dialynne Moonlight

Hound Puppy Group

Group 1 Kendall`s - Whippet - Whirlygig Maggie May

Group 2 Gaskell`s - Basenji - Memetuka Jabali

Utility Group

 Judge Betty McClark ( Shanshu )

Group 1 Gent`s - Tibetan Terrier - Malocomi Penny Lane at Miteng

 Group 2 Mothersdale`s - Shiba Inu - Amivike Cos I`m Special

 Group 3 Hamilton`s - Lhasa Apso - Gilderdale Miss Wagit

 Group 4 Garbutt`s - Std Poodle - Ellequinn Kick up a Storm at Tianola

Utility Puppy Group

Group 1 Garbutt`s - Std Poodle - Elliquinn Kick up a Storm at Tianola

 Group 2 Collin`s - Canaan Dog - Danehaven Ashkezar NAF TAF

 Group 3 Talbot`s - Dalmatian - Pollypeck Prada of Leaveslake

 Group 4 Bellwood`s - Shiba Inu - Tiblha Haruko Akako Ken

Pastoral Group

 Judge Penny Richards ( Accra )

Group 1 Mothersdale`s - G.S.D - Amivike Moon Beam shCM

 Group 2 Brown`s - Australian Shepherd - Sangosand`s Star N Stripes JW SHCM

 Group 3 Corniers - Swedish Vallhund - Candance Moondance at Vallier

 Group 4 Savage`s - Shetland Sheepdog - Shellthorn Storm in a Teacup at Savataurus

Pastoral Puppy Group

Group 1 Kellet & Eaglen`s - Briard - Kellbry I'm Midnight Rose

 Group 2 Fraser`s - Border Collie - Janarg Rough Diamond

 Group 3 Tinker`s - Shetland Sheepdog - Riggsbeck Jedsson

 Group 4 Bottomley`s - Swedish Vallhund - Stillmoor Kerrybella of Vimsa

Gundog Group

Judge David Howarth ( Moorbrook )

Group 1 Tracz - E.S.S - Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Aeregate

 Group 2 Anderson-Rowell`s - Pointer - Wyndhead Mette Marit

 Group 3 Moorehouse`s - English Setter - Upperwood For your Eyes Only to Glininnis JW SHCM

 Group 4 Crowther`s - Weimaraner - Hundwith Dewpoint

Gundog Puppy Group

Group 1 Lawson`s - English Setter - Mariglen Ice Crystal

 Group 2 Knowles - W.S.S - Stedigan the time has Come at Menstonia

 Group 3 Mann`s - G.S.P - Valger Nerissa (A1)

Group 4 Wilmitt`s - Golden Retriever - Goldmill Popcorn

Working Group

Judge Keith Baldwin ( Nightstorm )

Group 1 Bancroft`s - Leonberger - Dajean Baron Byron for Beenpea

 Group 2 Patrick & Ashman`s - Siberian Husky - Coldasice Phoenix Rising

 Group 3 Field`s - Dogue De Bordeaux - Rubicanov Rano

 Group 4 Wilcox`s - Dobermann - Amazon Nadal

Working Puppy Group

Group 1 Patrick & Ashman`s - Siberian Husky - Coldasice Phoenix Rising

 Group 2 Wilcox`s - Dobermann - Amazon Nadal

 Group 3 Nattriss`s - Dogue De Bordeaux - Emberez Eazy Tiger at Soultime

 Group 4 Hickman`s - Boxer - Mekart Total Eclipse

Toy Group:

Judge Marlene Oxley ( Kandysu )

Group 1 Whitfields - C.K.C.S - Alberica Focus on Red

 Group 2 Hansons - Papillon - Bosspap`s Krumm Gromble Vom Basilbrooke

 Group 3 Brosnans - Pug - Eastonite Hermes Echo

 Group 4 Grahams - Smooth Coated Chihuahua - Bramerita Poison is Strada

Toy Puppy Group

Group 1 Woodrows - Papillon - Ablazzor Flyfirst Class to Lynflyer

Group 2 Whitfields - C.K.C.S - Bevelmount Montanita

Group 3 Fozards - Maltese - Kisses for Kate

Group 4 Guest & Masons - Pug - Tsuselena Smooth Criminal

Terrier Group

Judge Jean Singh ( Vandamere )

Group 1 Johnsons - Border Terrier - Karison Kamellia JW

Group 2 Doyles - P.R.T - Alne Masterpieceof Ilexcuercus SHCM

Group 3 Nevilles - Bedlington - Abben Blue Buttons at Chancete

Terrier Puppy Group

Group 1 Towlers - P.R.T - Andralok Dazzler

Group 2 Horsewoods - Norwich Terrier - Barwest Barnaby Rudge

Group 3 Wests - Border Terrier - Eltonfurze Pringle

Could we Thank the Best in Show for Donating her 10 Bardsey Mills Voucher, back to the club for it`s christmas match.


Winners of 150 Class Open Show

Sunday, 15th March 2009

Best in show ( Judged by Mrs Doreen Rushby )

BEST IN SHOW - SUGGITT`S: MINATURE PINSCHER Keljantzis Opintunity Nox at Suggims 
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW - Marflitt`s Standard Poodle Dageo Sent from Heaven 
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Miller`s Pointer Shadesett Desperado 
RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW -  Dean`s Border Terrier Cedarhill Blonde Ambition
Group & Puppy Group Winners
Toy Group Judged By Stuart Mallard
Group 1: Suggitts Minature Pinscher. Keljantzis Opintunity Nox at Suggims
Group 2: Tebbutt`s Affenpinscher. Sueacres Black Ice With Sivid
Group 3: Fenton`s C.K.C.S. Bevelmount Schumacher
Group 4: Dowson`s Pug. Datiro Man of the Moment among Blynblay 
Toy Puppy Group
 Group 1: Tebbutt`s Affenpinscher. Sueacres Black Ice With Sivid
 Group 2: Graham`s Chihuahua ( Smooth Coat ). Bramerita Poison si Strada
 Group 3: Scarth & Gaunt`s Pug. Bigglesmere St`mford Bridge
 Group 4: Brett`s Chinese Crested. Jofrankie First Among Equals 

Pastoral Group Judged By Michael Vincent 
Group 1: Brown`s Australian Shepherd. Sangosand`s Stars`n`Stripes JW Sh cm
 Group 2: Norman`s Shetland Sheepdog. Francehill Calico
 Group 3: Winup & Paipala`s Border Collie. Rogansrock Likely Lad
 Group 4: Wilson`s Bearded Collie. Sumthin Special at Beardibrie 
Pastoral Puppy Group 
Group 1: Norman`s Shetland Sheepdog. Francehill Calico
 Group 2: Lee & Newton`s Bearded Collie. Sylvabrae Secret Smile for Paleeda
 Group 3: Bermingham & Kendrick`s Estrela. Asterel Mamma Mia of Bamcut 
Working Group Judged By Rodney Oldham 
Group 1: Isherwood`s Alaskan Malamute. Tuvaurat Akimarug Amani Sh cm
 Group 2: Cross & Stiling`s Dobermann. Nearctic Madam Pomfrey Jw Sh cm
 Group 3: Lydon`s Rottweiler. Retham Catwheel
 Group 4: Lucas`s Newfoundland. Coltrana Cinnamon `N` Spice 
Working Puppy Group 
Group 1: Norman`s Dobermann. Nearctic Jammie Dodger
 Group 2: Copley & Holland`s Alaskan Malamute. Tailfly Turnround Glider at Katabatic
 Group 3: Mitchell & Holbeck`s Rottweiler. Imongard Lock`N` Load
 Group 4: Lucas`s Newfoundland. Coltrana Cinnamon `N` Spice 

Utility Group Judged By Malcolm Smith 
Group 1: Marflitt`s Standard Poodle. Dageo Sent From Heaven
Group 2: Hartley`s Dalmatian. CH Creaganbrec The Favourite at Miragua JW
Group 3: McMunn`s Bulldog. Goodbull Dizzy Lizzy
Group 4: Crampton`s Tibetan Terrier. Araki Hetty Hopscotch 
Utility Puppy Group
Group 1: Collinson`s Tibetan Terrier. Araki Love the Sensation
Group 2: Dinsdale`s Dalmatian. Koroyza Candy Floss at Dalesbred
Group 3: Parnes & Clarkson`s Bulldog. Wencar Super Hero
Group 4: Luty`s Standard Poodle. Sympika Naughty by Nature
Gundog Group Judged by Brenda Smith 
Group 1: Rayner`s Weimaraner. Gunalt Private Art at Raystans JW shcm
Group 2: Mazan`s Irish Setter. Haremach Gilpatrick
Group 3: Moorehouse`s English Setter. Upperwood for Your Eyes Only To Glininnis JW shcm
Group 4: Lomax`s Pointer. Teddyhawks Tyler at Meldarly JW
Gundog Puppy Group 
Group 1: Miller`s Pointer. Shadesett Desperado
Group 2: Longbottom`s Field Spaniel. Expatriate Suzie Wong at Catruane
Group 3: Harris`s G.S.P. Barley Arch Paxo
Group 4: Courtney`s Weimaraner. Gunalt Hogan 
Hound Group Judge by Jan Beckett 
Group 1: Windle`s Whippet. Thunderclap Macgregor
Group 2: MacDonald`s Dachshund (Min Wire) Bothlyn Black Magic at Holtraand
Group 3: Hawson & Dunn`s Rhodesian Ridgeback. Ilizulu Magical Moonlight JW shcm
Hound Puppy Group 
Group 1: Follow`s Portuguese Podengo. Ridgeway Raul
Group 2: Brownfield`s Whippet. Villanis Royal Secret 
Terrier Group Judged by Michael Rushby
Group 1: Dooley`s Sealyham Terrier. Dursegg Boatswains Mate
Group 2: Johnson`s Border Terrier. Karison Kasper
Group 3: Rimmer`s Parson Russell Terrier. Kylini Spellsabound 
Terrier Puppy Group 
Group 1: Dean`s Border Terrier. Cedarhill Blonde Ambition
Group 2: Rimmer`s P.R.T . Kylini Spellsabound