Judge: Mrs Liz Stannard ( Shiarita )

Best In Show 

          Killilea & Clure`s. Akita, Redwitch Born This Way

          Res Best In Show Morris`s. Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Cassencarrie Rumour Has It at Pennywave

Best Puppy In Show  Smith`s. Norfolk Terrier, Javidel Definitely Maybe                                   Res Best Puppy In Show  Scarll & Sykes. Lhasa Apso, Narmoak Indee Rose


                             Gundog Group

                     Judged By Mr John Jackson


            Group 1. Lisle's. G S P, Barleyarch Rolex

     Group 2. Leigh-Ross. Labrador, Tintagel Winds Zest For Lab Group 3.Wight&Grimmett. Golden Retriever,Haydene Summer Lovin with Tafuta JW

  Group 4. Best's. Pointer, Shadesett Keep on Beleivin for Bestina


                          Gundog Puppy Group

        Group 1. Thorpe's. Golden Retriever, Little Missy May

        Group 2. Bradford & Booth's. Pointer, Kanix Garfunkel

             Group 3. Tain's. W s s, Taimeres Tell Tale Group 4. Loney & Warland's. Flatcoated Retriever,Redbreds Morgan Le Fey


                             Utility Group

                        Judged By Glenn Davies


      Group 1.Killilea & Clure's. Akita, Rdewitch Born This Way

    Group 2. Marflitt's. Standard Poodle, Dageo Against All Odds

        Group 3. Scarll & Sykes's. Lhasa Apso, Timazinto Danio

       Group 4. Gent's. Tibetan Terrier, Miteng Miss Moneypenny


                          Utility Puppy Group

             Group 1. Scarll & Sykes's. Narmoak Indee Rose

       Group 2. Gent's. Tibetan Terrier, Miteng Miss Moneypenny


                             Pastoral Group

                        Judged By Denise Rowan


        Group 1. Longhurst & Routledge's. Australian Shepherd.

                    Allmark Spirit of St Louis ShCM

     Group 2. Wiltshire's. Border Collie, Caleykiz Tangled Rhythm

         Group 3. Hartley. O.E.S, Meisan Roly Poly Castielle

    Group 4. Fenton's. Shetland Sheepdog, Shannmie The Hell Raiser


                          Pastoral Puppy Group Group 1. Winup & Paipla's.Border Collie, Janarg Venus Oscuro to Rogansrock Group 2. Brown's. Australian Shepherd, Bleuroyal Kings Crusade ( IMP CHL )

             Group 3. Agar's. G.S.D, Surfstone Cede Nullis  Group 4. Fenton's. Shetland Sheepdog, Gabrielles Choice With Shannmie


                            Working Group

                      Judged By Colin Barker


     Group 1. Morgan's. Dobermann, Malibray Finlaggan For Telenndu Group 2. Hodgson&Beals. Bullmastiff, Cafrajam's Rock Solid To Ballindaloch Group 3. Copland's.Siberian Husky,Esquimaux Solitaire At Llareedon JWShCM

   Group 4. Hawkesworth's. Dogue De Bordeaux, Mollys Shooters Star


                         Working Puppy Group

   Group 1. Hodgson & Beal's. Bullmastiff, Ballindaloch's Madame Chloe

     Group 2. Binnersley's. Siberian Husky, Esquimaux Call My Bluff Group 3. Simpson's.Dogue De Bordeaux,Rozledogue Misdemeanor at Ironheart  Group 4. Morgan's. Dobermann, Malibray Turning Tables At Telendu(GB)


                               Hound Group

                      Judged By Patricia Hancock


     Group 1. Grisoli & Bowyer's. Whippet, Loroli Jump To The Beat  Group 2. Steele's. Ibizan Hound, Falconcrag Valentino At Threadgold

          Group 3. Elerton's. Beagle, Dialynne Just Stunning


                            Hound Puppy Group

    Group 1. Thurston's. Dachshund ( Min Smooth Haired ) Angry Anton



                             Terrier Group

                        Judged By Jim Mcghie


Group 1. Morris's. Dandy Dinmont, Cassencarrie Rumour Has It At Pennywave

      Group 2. Smith's. Norfolk Terrier, Javidel May Just Have Too

       Group 3. Dickinson's. Border Terrier, Badgerholme Epsom Jet

             Group 4. Towler's. P.R.T, Mindlen McKenna


                         Terrier Puppy Group

      Group 1. Smith's. Norfolk Terrier, Javidel Definitley Maybe

      Group 2. Dickinson's. Border Terrier, Badgerholme Epsom Jet

             Group 3. Towler's P.R.T, Mindlen McKenna

   Group 4. Thackray's Soft Coated Wheaton, Abiqua Wild On An Acetrip


                              Toy Group

                      Judged By Colin Gullon


 Group 1.Fox's. Pomeranian,Parapom Mark Of Distinction At Foxlyn JW ShCM

        Group 2. Walker's. C.K.C.S, Korolevsky Iosif ShCM

     Group 3. Guest & Mason's. Pug, Tsuselena Smooth Criminal

    Group 4. Moss's. Papillon, Lafford Lord Snooty Of Delphlands


                           Toy Puppy Group

        Group 1. Fox's. Pomeranian, Foxlyn Here Comes Summer

    Group 2. Scarth & Gaunt's. Lowchen, Bigglesmere Duets For One

        Group 3. Greenwood's. Pug, Nobleton Gok Tu Via Harrop Group 4. Callaghan & Todds. C.K.C.S, Tillashby Northern Star At Callyspride



   Best In Show 

          Hitchens : Norwich Terrier
     Ragus Devil in the Detail for Kreatin

Res Best in Show
 Browns: Australian Shepherd
          Bleuroyal Alaska Permafrost JW IR JUN CH ( IMP CHL )

    Best Puppy in Show
    Garforths: Bullmastiff
     Moorbull Lasting Legacy

     Res Best Puppy in Show
   Clark Rawlings: Pointer
     Hawkfield Spinayarn Over Indicium


Gundog Group

         Judged By: Linda Cooper 

                       Group 1: Milby & Snaiths - Weimaraner - Tequise Guardian Spirit of Bifonda 

                      Group 2: Baker & Brehenys - Irish Setter - Matafield Red Devil for Saffronlyn

               Group 3: Shorts - Welsh Springer Spaniel - CWSSCWN Northern Soul of Toftwood JW

                                 Group 4: Dykes - English Setter - Caleydene Amazing Love  


Gundog Puppy Group

                         Group 1: Clark Rawlings - Pointer - Hawkfield Spinayarn Over Indicium 

                              Group 2: Davisons - German Shorthaired Pointer - Sirilta Solitaire

                              Group 3: Yewdalls  - Weimaraner - Gunalt Adoptable to Ladwey

                   Group 4: Tolladays - Welsh Springer Spaniel - Ferndel Commander of Bethersden


         Utility Group 

              Judged By: Sue Butterfield

                                     Group 1: Wilsons - Bulldog - Beautilicous Choc Ice 

                               Group 2: Scarlls - Lhasa Apso - Timazintis Hope of Dreams

                       Group 3: Mothersdales - Shiba Inu - Amivikes am I Bovverd at Sevarna

                                   Group 4: Wright & Burkes -Akita - Satrebor Boodles

           Utility Puppy Group

                                   Group 1: Wright & Burkes - Akita - Satrebor Boodles

                       Group 2: Lambs - Dalmatian - Dalpetro Diva

                           Group 3: Keiths - Shih Tzu - Matsonic Mr Murphy at Latchmead

                           Group 4: Howards Tibetan Terrier - Araki Shinky Shonky  with Asianskies

    Working Group

     Judged By: Sue Smith

    Group 1: Garforths - Bullmastiff - Moorbull lasting Legacy

Group 2: Nawrocka`s - Alaskan Malamute - HR/MNE CH Monikoona Casablanca

Group 3: Barrister`s - St Bernard - Banndean Dancers Shadow

    Group 4: Quigleys - Dogue De Bordeaux - Tudordogues Star Bar

         Working Puppy Group

    Group 1: Garforths - Bullmastiff - Moorbull Lasting Legacy

    Group 2: Quigleys - Dogue De Bordeaux - Tudordogues Star Bar

    Group 3: Phillips - Alaskan Malamute - Monikoona at First Sight

      Group 4: Richardsons - Boxer - Szuliga Gypsey Brindlewyn

        Hound Group

            Judged By: Danny Cullen

            Group 1: Pattersons - Dachshund ( Wire Haired ) Ambiesque Advent For Brumberhill

Group 2: Steward-Farrers - Whippet - Crosscop Summertime At Wakebarrow

        Group 3: Ellertons - Beagle - Dialyanne Moonlight

         Hound Puppy Group

            Group 1: Lewis-Crooks - Dachshund ( Wire Haired )  Keamarola he`s Here To Stay

            Group 2: Hollands - Whippet -Elmanash Majors Gold

          Group 3: Harrisons - Beagle - Dialyanne Taras Mantra

        Toy Group

      Judged By: Cath Stewart

        Group 1: Teagues - Pug - Bringiton Mr Chang by Tarragem JW

        Group 2: Steeles - Japanese Chin - Homebrent Shirakana

      Group 3: Oxleys - Yorkshire Terrier - Prettywood Dont Push It

          Group 4: Camerons _ Chihuahua - Afterglow Lucky Duck

        Toy Puppy Group

        Group 1: Terrys - Pomeranian - Belliver Unexpect Target

  Group 2: Steeles - Japanese Chin - Javalcy China Doll at Threadgold

      Group 3: Oxleys - Yorkshire Terrier - Prettywood Dont Push It

          Group 4: Camerons - Chihuahua - Afterglow Lucky Duck

        Terrier Group

      Judged By: Nan Chadwick

                Group 1: Hitchens - Norwich Terrier   Ragus Devil in The Detail For Kreatin

Group 2: Smiths - Norfolk Terrier - Javidel May Just Have Too

    Group 3: McPhersons - Border Terrier - Brumberhill Blue Tempest

              Group 4: Doyles - Parson Russell Terrier   Ilexquercus Rosy Rustic Shcm

         Terrier Puppy Group

Group 1: Smith & Hurrions - Norwich Terrier - Ragus Takes The Buscuit

        Group 2: Mathews - Border Terrier - Tojamatt Mogannna

    Group 3: Gees - Norfolk Terrier - Watercroft Wedding Belle

Pastoral Group

    Judged By: Hazel Fitzgibbon

Group 1: Browns - Australian Shepherd - Bleuroyal Alaska Permafrost JW IR JUN CH ( Imp CHL )

  Group 2: Murphy & Rowes - Finnish Lapphund - Elbereth Ainokainen

Group 3: Bermingham & Kendricks - Estrela Mountain Dog - Haia Da Casa    DeLoas Em Bamcwt ( Imp Port )

Group 4: Fentons - Shetland Sheepdog - Shannmie The Hell Raiser                    

 Pastoral Puppy Group

Group 1: Parkers - Australian Shepherd - Silver Dream Aussie`s What A Night of Ewespride ( Imp )

    Group 2: Easby`s - German Shepherd Dog - Merjukes Spartan

Group 3: Hartley`s - Old English Sheepdog - Meisan Roly Poly Angelique