All prize dog food kindly donated by Blue Barn

All photographs courtesy of Mr John Jackson


     Best in Show

Judged B Roy Baker ( Sylbecq )


   Teague`s - Pug:  Bringiton Mr Chang By Tarragem JW ShCM


       Reserve Best in Show

           Whippet: Demerlay Jive Talking



    Best Puppy in Show

               Horne`s - Lhasa Apso: Chanceinn`s Bonkerz


   Res Best Puppy in Show

         Naylor, Cudworth & Wilson`s - Polish Lowland Sheepdog: Luksus Moscic at Skaijak


Hound Group

              Judged By - Nicola Spencer ( Bannonbrig )


Group 1 = Head`s - Whippet: Demerley Jive Talking

Group 2 = Lovatt`s - Beagle: Bjornhagen Jalapeno Chilli

Group 3 = Vowle`s - Afghan: Azmari Black Diamond 

        Hound Puppy Group

 Group 1 = Robinson`s - Basset: Switherland Love To Gossip

Group 2 = Winup & Paipala`s - Whippet: Blandings Bourbon Cum Rogansrock


      Working Group

                Judged By - Roger Cruden ( Shamsky ) 

 Group 1 = Grice`s - Dogue De Bordeaux: Emberez Kingpin

Group 2 = Marshall`s - Alaskan Malamute: Kaskae Butterfly Lily

Group 3 = Lucas`s - Newfoundland: Coltrana Incas Gold

Group 4 = Copland`s - Siberian Husky: Esquimaux Solitaire At Liareedon JW ShCm

   Working Puppy Group

 Group 1 = Antich`s - Rottweiler: Leebee`s What A Sensation

Group 2 = Ansell`s - Dogue De Bordeaux: Bellamiabam`s Bubbys Angel

Group 3 = Gibson`s - Siberian Husky: Golden Opportunity

Group 4 = Plant & Stanyer`s - Alaskan Malamute: Siskara For Your Eyes Only


           Pastoral Group

                 Judged By - Liz Jay ( Talraz )   

 Group 1 = Goodwin`s - Shetland Sheepdog: Highbrook Hot Heir JW

Group 2 = Longhurst, Routledge & Gibson`s - Australian Shepherd: CH Allmark Spirit of St Louis ScCM

Group 3 = Shorer-Wheeler`s - Norwegian Buhund: Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah Of Koromandel

Group 4 = Wiltshire`s - Border Collie: Caleykiz Tangled Rhythm

                Pastoral Puppy Group 

 Group 1 =   Naylor,Cudworth & Wilson`s -Polish Lowland Sheepdog: Luksus Moscic At Skaijak

Group 2 = Dowson`s - Australian Shepherd: Allmark Rockin Robyn at Ozzypool

Group 3 = Bower`s - Shetland Sheepdog: Daisyway Uptown Girl

Group 4 = Whitside`s - German Shepherd Dog: Hamadryas Zindell Gunner


       Gundog Group

            Judged By - Nicola Spencer ( Bannonbrig )

 Group 1 = Tracz`s - English Springer Spaniel: SH CH Meadowdale Alabama Slammer at Acregate ShCM

Group 2 = Lambert`s - Labrador: Mattand Obsidian

Group 3 = Kelly`s - Pointer: Fleurfield Faith of Kelval

Group 4 = Lockett`s - German Shorthaired Pointer: Winterwell Bobbie Dazzler of Fayemm

         Gundog Puppy Group 

 Group 1 = Lambert`s - Labrador: Mattand Obsidian

Group 2 = Hinchcliffe`s - German Wirehaired Pointer: Karlejay Gump Kin Ya Beathis

Group 3 = Beagrie`s - Weimaraner: Gunalt Audible

Group 4 = Broadhead`s - Golden Retriever: Monchique Pachance To Dream


      Utility Group  

           Judged By - Roy Baker ( Sylbecq )

 Group 1 = Kilburn`s - Shih Tzu: Debeaux My Beau

Group 2 = Lister`s - Miniature Poodle: Calmaric One Fine Day JW ShCM

Group 3 = Horne`s - Lhasa Apso: Chanceinn`s Bonkers

Group 4 = Webb`s - Toy Poodle: Amberiffic One Direction

                                                                                                                                                                                   Utility Puppy Group

Group 1 = Horne`s - Lhasa Apso: Chanceinn`s Bonkers

Group 2 = Cook & Grundy`s - Japanese Akita Inu: Keshisuki`s End of The Road for Kyuuten

Group 3 = Humphrey`s - Miniature Poodle: Kaffooi Born To Beabop

Group 4 = Fozard`s - Standard Poodle: Kamarri Sinatra


   Terrier Group

         Judged By - Sylvia Monaghan ( Nostradamos )

 Group 1 = Dickinson & James`s - Border Terrier: Badgerholme Epsom Jet JW

Group 2 = Baker & Swift`s - Parson Russell Terrier: Pacolito Redesigned

Group 3 = Gee`s - Norfolk Terrier: Watercroft in a Pickle

Group 4 = Doyle`s - Dandie Dinmont Terrier: Dentgate Jackfrost at Ilexquercus 


              Terrier Puppy Group     

 Group 1 = Baker & Swift`s - Parson Russell Terrier: Pacolito Redesigned

Group 2 = Coop`s - Border Terrier: Darkarmar Heartbreaker

Group 3 = Gee`s - Norfolk Terrier: Watercroft in a Pickle


  Toy Group

            Judged By - Janet Heap ( Shiera )

 Group 1 = Teague`s - Pug: Bringiton Mr Chang By Tarragem JW ShCM 

Group 2 = Knight`s - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Carolus Don Ricco JW ShCM

Group 3 = Wood Dowson & Dowson`s - Pekingese: Meritorous Thumberlina Among Blynblay

Group 4 = Moss`s - Papillon: Lafford Lord Snooty of Delphlands

        Toy Puppy Group

 Group 1 = Panton`s - Yorkshire Terrier: Fridstail Smooth Criminal For Dunningvale

Group 2 = Taylor`s - Papillon: Farthinghall`s Nui Nui

Group 3 = Steele`s - Japanese Chin: Threadgold Melody Maker

Group 4 = Knight`s - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Clockpelters Miss Kitty By Carolus   





          Best In Show

All Wainwrights dog food kindly donated by Pets At Home

      Australian Shepherd

     Longhurst`s: Allmark Spirit of St Louis ShCM

     Reserve Best In Show

   Norfolk Terrier

 Atkinson`s: Moortop No Choice



                                                                                                                                            Best Puppy In Show              Reserve Best Puppy In Show

                                                                                                                                                                 German Short Haired Pointer                    Akita

                                                                                                              Harris`s: Barleyarch Piper                       Raby`s: Kumatotos Shades Darker



               Gundog Group: Judged By Jeff Roberts  

Group 1. Broadheads: Golden Retriever.Putjade Pachanga With Monchique JW

Group 2. Moorhouse`s: English Setter. Upperwood For Your Eyes Only to Glininnis JW ShCM

 Group 3. Harris`s: G.S.P. Barleyarch Piper

Group 4. Best`s: Pointer. Shadesett Keep on Believin For Bestina

       Gundog Puppy Group

 Group 1. Harris`s: G.S.P. Barleyarch Piper

 Group 2. Simpson`s: Flatcoated Retriever. Croftcloses Shadow Dancer

Group 3. Tain`s: W.S.S. Taimere`s Tell Tale

 Group 4. Hawkins & Byrne: Weimaraner. Enryb Annsummas Party At Sagunto


                  Utility Group. Judged By Janette Taylor

 Group 1. McBlains:Standard Poodle. Alusio Street Talk By Kossab JW

Group 2. Scarll & Sykes: Lhasa Apso. Timazinti Liberty

 Group 3. Mothersdale`s: Shiba Inu. Amivikes Wild as The Wind

 Group 4. Gent`s: Tibetan Terrier. Malocomi Penny Lane at Miteng ShCM

 Utility Puppy Group

 Group 1. Raby`s: Akita. Kumatomo`s Shades Darker

 Group 2. England`s: Lhasa Apso. Meranne Maggie May

 Group 3. Wilson`s: Tibetan Terrier. Malocomi`s Bewitched at Djankay

Group 4. Rudd`s: Bulldog. Myeisha Andromeda


                 Pastoral Group Judged by Jo Hodges

 Group 1. Longhurst`s: Australian Shepherd. Allmark Spirit of St Louis

 Group 2. Winup & Paipala`s: Border Collie. Coussiere Black Magic at Rogansrock

 Group 3. Motherdale`s: G.S.D. Amivike`s Moon Beam ShCM

 Group 4. Gibbon`s: Shetland Sheepdog. Janetstown Jims In Time

      Pastoral Puppy Group

 Group 1. Winup & Paipala`s: Border Collie. Janarg Venus Oscuro to Rogansrock

 Group 2. Brown`s: Australian Shepherd. Bleuroyal Kings Crusade ( Imp Chl )

 Group 3. Reid`s: Estrela Mountain Dog. Milagre Ice Ice Baby

 Group 4. Antich`s: Shetland Sheepdog. Availia Gold Chilli Pepper


                Working Group Judged By Jill Black

 Group 1. Garratt`s: Bullmastiff. Fowlerheight Red River At Marchmanor

 Group 2. Binnersley`s: Siberian Husky. Esquimaux Call My Bluff

 Group 3. Lucas`s: Newfoundland. Effortissmo Almost A Legend at Coltrana

 Group 4. Lomas`s: Dogue De Bordeaux. Vignobles Fleur De La Vallee

  Working Puppy Group

Group 1. Robertson`s: Dogue De Bordeaux. Alice De Palais De Broc

 Group 2. Garratt`s: Bullmastiff. Marchmanor Hoozahunni

 Group 3. Lucas`s: Newfoundland. Coltrana Midnight Sun

Group 4. Porrit`s: Siberian Husky. Jacalous Pretty and Posh at Blizzardrun JW


           Terrier Group Judged By Sherril Goodwin

 Group 1. Atkinson`s: Norfolk Terrier. Moortop No Choice

 Group 2. Hitchen`s: Norwich Terrier. Ragus Devil In The Detail For Kreatin ShCM

 Group 3. Dickinson & James`s: Border Terrier.Badgerholme Epsom Jet

 Group 4. Doyle`s: P.R.T. Ilexquercus Rosy Rustic Sh CM

  Terrier Puppy Group

 Group 1. Smith`s: Norfolk Terrier. Javidel Definitely Maybe

 Group 2. Hitchen`s: Norwich Terrier. Kreatin Hidden Gem

 Group 3. Dickinson & James`s: Border Terrier. Badgerholme Epsom Jet


            Hound Group Judged By Allan Stephenson

Group 1. Hirst`s: Basset Hound. Diheath Bob Dylan At Kejana

 Group 2. Clark`s: Whippet. Dancing Binty

 Group 3. Harrison`s: Beagle. Dialynne Tara`s Mantra

   Hound Puppy Group

 Group 1. Defaye & Crouch`s: Whippet. Russett Gold At Fedaye

 Group 2. Hirst`s: Bassett Hound. Diheath Marmite TAF


                 Toy Group Judged By Julie Potter

Group 1. Rogerson`s: C.K.C.S. Rabymar Super Ted JW

 Group 2. Sampson`s: Lowchen. Hollinclose Saving Grace

 Group 3. Wines; Pug. Etruria Born to Boogie

 Group 4. Moss`s: Papillon. Lafford Lord Snooty of Delphlands

   Toy Puppy Group

 Group 1. Sampson`s: Lowchen. Hollinclose Saving Grace

 Group 2. Howe`s: Pug. Conquell Black Khanstopper

 Group 3. Callaghan & Todd`s: C.K.C.S. Tillashby Northern Star at Callyspride

 Group 4. Waters: Papillon. Sweetbriar Face The Music