4th December 2016

Best In Show

Bearded Collie

Stead - Natterjack Nordic Star Over Clovabrae

 Reserve Best In Show


Evans & Pavey- Joneva Mrs Bridges

Best Puppy in Show

Norfolk Terrier

Gee - Watercroft Saffron

Res Best Puppy in Show

Australian Silky Terrier

Murray & Wildig - Brookemur Chasin Pavements

Group results

Pastoral Group Winner BEARDED COLLIE  Stead - Natterjack Nordic Star Over Clovabrae

2nd BORDER COLLIE Winup & Paipala Coussiere Black Magic At Rogansrock

3rd BRIARD Foster Fosterbrie Spartan

4th SHETLAND SHEEPDOG Walker Dippsmoor Star Gazer By Tooralie ShCM


Pastoral Puppy Group 1 BORDER COLLIE  Smith & Green Fayken Striptease

2nd BEARDED COLLIE Robertson Bountshire Bountys Girl

3rd BELGIAN SHEPHERD DOG Sharp & Moslin Valentino Z Kovarny to Wildfire ( Imp Cz )

4th SHETLAND SHEEPDOG Fuller Jacanshe Much Wanted


Gundog Group Winner POINTER Evans & Pavey- Joneva Mrs Bridges

2nd GSP Milligan Redmires Storm The Stars

3rd WEIMARANER Yewdall  Gunalt Adoptable To Ladwey

4th COCKER SPANIEL Sherlock Jayzander Hermes With Crimicar


Gundog Puppy Group 1 WELSH SPRINGER Knowles - Menstonia Midnight Dreamer

2nd HUNGARIAN WIREDHAIRED VIZSLA Stafford & Clayton Galicar Game On Farnfield

3rd POINTER Adams Millpoint Simply Smashing

4th WEIMARANER Yewdall Gunalt Adorable From Ladwey 


Working Group Winner NEWFOUNDLAND Danson - Newruff Centurions Army at Alcaro ShCM

Group 2  BULLMASTIFF Brown & Beal Sundabish Philleas Fogg JW

Group 3 LEONBERGER Bell Vectiseleon Dream Maker

Group 4 ALASKAN MALAMUTE Hartley Koromandel Glamorous Indie ShCM 


Working Puppy Group 1 ROTTWEILER Whitehead - Danaljaem Kir Royale

Group 2 BOXER Welch Newlaithe  Millin Two One Treju

Group 3 LEONBERGER Bell Vectiseleon Kiaja Wolfrik

Group 4 SIBERIAN HUSKY Binnersley Articskies Pure Diamond


Terrier Group Winner MANCHESTER TERRIER Oxley - Digelsa D ' Amour

2nd BORDER TERRIER James & Render Chorbeck Gossip Girl At Blackmine JW

3rd SOFT COATED WHEATEN TERRIER  Clarke Flaxela Weaver Of Dreams JW

4th NORFOLK TERRIER GEE Watercroft Suzie Q


Terrier Puppy Group 1 NORFOLK TERRIER Gee - Watercroft Saffron

2nd JACK RUSSEL TERRIER Elders Demeter Catori Muraco

3rd BORDER TERRIER Johnson Karison Krumble



Utility Group Winner MINIATURE POODLE Holmes& Leak - Ch Michandy Great Expectations By Navarre JW ShCM

2nd LHASO APSO Crook Charjilliam Sheer Simplicity

3rd TOY POODLE Webb Amberiffic One Direction ShCM

4th MINIATURE SCHNAUZER Austin & Mather Pajanzer Eckythump ShCM


Utility Group Puppy Group 1 MINIATURE POODLE  Lister  - Calmaric One For The Money

2nd MINIATURE SCHNAUZER Austin & Mather Pajanzer Kelly's Hero

3rd DALMATIAN Carroll Sophtspot Hip Hip Hooray

4th KOOIKERHONDJE  Kerfoot Papikois Funsize  Twix


Toy Group Winner AFFENPINSCHERWildig - Darkle Life Of Brian


Murray & Wildig - Brookemur Chasin Pavements

3rd JAPANESE CHIN Goldie Godheim Virginia

4th CKCS Gilbert Sweetbriar Mr Darce At Cavigil 


Toy Puppy Group 1  AUSTRALIAN SILKY TERRIER Murray & Wildig - Brookemur Chasin Pavements

2nd PUG Hitchcock Bobitch Queen of My Dreams

3rd AFFENPINSCHER Hick Carmichan Heidi Hi

4th CHINESE CRESTED Routledge Pufflepaws Pandora Sex Bomb 


Hound Group Winner AFGHAN HOUND Findlay - CH/ AM / Can Ch Polo's Pashin In Blue ( IMP )

2nd WHIPPET Dennis Smith Almawhip To Be A Lover At Brynnsimeleon ( imp Pol )

3rd  BEAGLE Arden Madika Spot On JW

4th PBGV Alderson Bunnywood Athena


Hound Puppy Group 1 WHIPPET Ellam & Robinson- Tarward Jaguar  

2nd BEAGLE Stoddards Ruda Spod Zieloynch Sosen At Poppyville RAF

3rd BASENJI Walker Lilas Of Swala Pala




Limit Show 10th April 2016

Best In Show & Best Puppy in Show

Judge Mr Keith Rushfirth

Fozard's Standard Poodle Sympika Smooth Operator


Reserve Best In Show

Mrs A Harrison's  Beagle Dialynne Tara's Mantra

Reserve Best Puppy in Show

Mrs M Raby's Akita  Tan-Ro Soul Of Fire